Great Land of Alaska

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Pronunciation Guide - What is the proper way to pronounce Kenai, Kasilof, and many other Alaskan names?

Definitions - What is the Bush or an ulu? Find out here.

Superlatives - Find what kinds of records Alaska holds or shares.

Mountain Ranges - Where is the Brooks range? What is the tallest mountain in Alaska? Find out more about these and other Alaskan mountain ranges.

Highways - Where does the Glenn Highway go? What's at the end of the Haul Road? Learn more about Alaska's highways.

Towns - See where various Alaskan towns such as Barrow, Unalakleet, or Soldotna are.

Calendar of Annual Events - What events to Alaskans celebrate? Take a look at our calendar of events.

Good Friday Earthquake - An article about the 1964 earthquake that devestated Southcentral Alaska.

Earthquake and Volcano Status - Earthquake and volcano conditions in and near Alaska.

Facts & Trivia - How wide can a moose's anlters get? What is Alaska's largest island? Various facts about Alaska.

Tables & Scales - Wind speed, earthquake intensity, and measurements for other dangers we face in Alaska.

Recipes - Want to try some Alaskan food? Traditional and non-traditional foods are in here.

How to Clean a Salmon - There are several ways this can be done, and this is the method that I was taught and I prefer to use.

FAQ - Want to know something about Alaska? Check out the FAQ or submit a question.

Trivia Quizzes - Test your knowledge of Alaska with three different Alaska trivia quizzes.

About the Author - Find out more about the guy who created this page.

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