Great Land of Alaska

Alaskan Birds

Alaska has no shortage of birds. Eagles number in the thousands and seagulls in the millions. Here is just a small sample of the many types of birds found here.

Bald Eagles (and one Raven)

Immature eagle in tree Eagles perching in tree Eagle perched in tree Eagle perched in tree An eagle flying past

Bald Eagles, a rarity in most other parts of the world, are quite abundant in Alaska. They can be found just about anywhere in Southcentral and Southeast, but are most commonly seen around landfills and areas with abundant fish.

Eagle and raven perched in a tree

Due to their mutual preference for landfills, it's not very uncommon to see Ravens and Bald Eagles perching in the same tree.

Brown Creeper

Bird stuck in screen
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Bird in my hand
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This little guy showed up at work one day. He flew into the window and his beak became wedged in the screen. After my co-worker and I freed him from the screen, he sat stunned in my hand for a few minutes until I placed him on the ground among the trees and he flew off.

Canada Geese

Canada geese near a pond

Canada Geese are very plentiful in Alaska during the summer months. The arrive in the spring and lay their eggs and by the time fall arrives the young geese have grown and are capable of flying south with their parents.

Grey Owl

Grey Owl

A Grey Owl was hunting outside of the apartments one morning. I read that contrary to popular belief, owl cannot turn their heads more than 130°; however, this owl seems to be showing otherwise. In fact, I saw him at one point turn his head more than 180°.

Harlequin Ducks

Colourful ducks

Harlequin Ducks get their name from their coloration--red, blue, purple, and white. They are somewhat common in the rivers and lakes towards the interior.


Mallards near shore

When most people think of ducks, the mallard is probably the one that comes to mind. Mallards are probably the most abundant duck in most parts of Alaska. Like most migratory birds in Alaska, they spend their summers here and fly south for the winter.

Northern Hawk Owl

Owl on treetop

The Northern Hawk Owl lives in open coniferous and deciduous forests. It, like other members of the hawk family, lives on rodents and other small animals.

Sandhill Crane

Cranes in a yard

Sandhill cranes are a a common visitor to Alaska during the summer months. Their usual habitat is marshy areas and so they are not commonly encountered. Whatever the owners of this house had in their yards, the cranes seemed to like it since they were here for a good portion of the summer.

Sea Gull

Sea Gull

Seagulls number in the millions in Alaskan waters. 13 different types of gulls are somewhat common in Alaskan waters, and at least six other species are not native but may occasionally stray into Alaska. Gulls are scavengers and play a key role in cleaning up the remains of dead fish and other animals in and near the water.

Tundra Swan

Swans through trees Several swans in lake

Tundra Swans are a somewhat common sight in Southcentral Alaska during the spring and fall as they stop in many lakes and ponds on their way to their summertime homes. They usually nest on upland tundra near lakes and ponds.

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