Great Land of Alaska

Sunrises & Sunsets

Due to its northern location, the Alaskan sun does not set quickly. Instead of dropping quickly to the horizon like it does in southern locations, it gradually descends closer to the horizon as it gets later. This results in longer periods of twilight, giving more photographic opportunities.

Alaska & Aleutian Ranges

Distant mountain ranges Shadowed Alaska Range

Beluga Point

Kenai Mountains in evening sunlight Cold morning sunrise

Bottenintnin Lake

Bottenintnin Lake Bottenintnin Lake

Broad Pass

Sun rising over a mountain


Sunset over Chugiak Red sunset over Chugiak Colorful Chugiak sky Another sunset in Chugiak Another sunset in Chugiak

Cook Inlet

Sun setting over Cook Inlet Cold day sunset over Kenai River

Cooper Landing

Colorful clouds in Cooper Landing

Eagle River

Sun setting behind mountain

Kalifornsky Beach Road

Sunset from my place on K-Beach

Kashwitna Lake

Dusk at Kashwitna Lake Darkening skies over lake Kashwitna Lake sunset Kashwitna Lake sunset Double rainbow in the east Golden sunset Blue and pink clouds Colorful sunset over Kashwitna Lake Colorful sunset over Kashwitna Lake


Sunset and spruce trees

Kenai River Flats

Kenai River Flats sunset

Kenai Mountains

Sun setting in valley Sun behind mountains Sunset in mountains

Marathon Road, Kenai

Sunset along Marathon Road Marathon Road sunset Mt. Redoubt

Matanuska Valley

Dusk at Matanuska Valley

Skilak Lake Road

Sunset behind trees and clouds


Sunset and downtown Soldotna

Watson Lake

Sun setting behind Watson Lake Watson Lake

Mt. Susitna

Mt. Susitna and clouds

Swan Lake Road

Sunset behind trees

Swanson River Road

Sunrise through forest

Turnagain Arm

Sun rising between mountains across the arm Low midday sun

Upper Summit Lake

Sun behind mountains Upper Summit Lake sunset Small stream at Upper Summit Lake


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