Great Land of Alaska


When you have as many mountains, valleys, and rivers as Alaska has, you're eventually going to have a few waterfalls. With luck, some of these falls may be easily accessible.

Keystone Canyon

Bridal Veil Falls Horsetail Falls Waterfall

Bridal Veil Falls, Horsetail Falls, and a falls with a name unknown to me are three attractive valls in Keystone Canyon, a small canyon not too far away from Valdez.

Lowell Creek

Lowell Creek falls

Lowell Creek, a short river in south Seward, takes a spectactular plunge before flowing in the ocean. City officials had to build concrete barriers just above the falls (out of the picture) to keep the falls from eroding and changing course since a road and bridge are just to the right (out of the picture).

Whittier Creek

Whittier Creek falls

Whittier Creek cascades down the sides of a mountain, its sources hidden by the cloud cover. Like many mountainside streams near the ocean, this is a very short-lived river flowing only a short distance from its source to the ocean.

Willow Creek

Small stream

Willow Creek, still in its infant stages high in the Talkeetna Mountains, takes several falls before it eventually ends up on the valley floor.

Unnamed Waterfalls

Waterfall Dual falls Waterfall on the mountain

These falls are either unnamed or else do not have their names shown on most maps. All these streams are formed as a result of melting glacier ice.

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