Great Land of Alaska


Stuck 4-wheeler

April 1988

4-wheeler stuck in snow

Martin and Josie have shown that 4-wheelers (important vehicles in rural Alaska) can't easily go everywhere.

Flooded Road

September 2002

Huge puddle to cross Part way across Huge puddle to cross

Crossing a huge puddle while grouse hunting shows that many Alaskans buy large vehicles not as a status symbol but more out of necessity.

Eskimo yo-yo

January 2005

Playing with yo-yo

Playing with an Eskimo yo-yo.

Jam at Larry's

February 2005

Larry and I playing some tunes Soloing Playing the drums

Larry and I jamming at his place in Anchorage. I'm definitely an amateur when it comes to the guitar and drums, but at least I can keep a simple beat going.

BBQ at Mike's

March 2005

Hanging around the grill

Kevin, Mike, and I hanging around the grill while the burgers and hot dogs cook.

Solo bass practice

April 2005

Bass playing

Practicing the electric bass by playing along with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album. It's not my bass, I borrowed it.

New truck

April 2005

My new Dodge

The years and mileage started to take its toll on the Jeep, so I had to trade it in for a new Dodge.

Trail Lakes

May 2004

Mike and canoes

Mike taking a rest near the canoes while fishing on Lower Trail Lake.

Upper Ohmer Lake

May 2005

Me rowing a boat

I'm rowing a boat around on Upper Ohmer Lake.

Upper Ohmer Lake

May 2005

Getting ready for fishing

Mr. Bernard and Rene getting ready for a small fishing excursion on the lake.

Upper Ohmer Lake

May 2005

They're off across the lake

They're off to the good fishing areas across the lake.

Upper Ohmer Lake

May 2005

Another boating excursion

Mike and Rene taking Denali on her first boat ride.

Climbing in Hatcher Pass

July 2005

Climging rocks

A couple months after knee surgery, I'm testing my reconditioned knee by climbing out of a small canyon in Hatcher Pass.

Alaska State Fair

August 2005

Fair rides

Several amusement park rides of the annual state fair.

Alaska State Fair

August 2005

Concession stands

Booths and concession stands are in abundance at the fair.

Alaska State Fair

August 2005

Mike & Christine & the kids

Denali and her cousin Kylee play while Mike and his sister Christine watch while waiting for the next dance performance in the black and red building.

Alaska State Fair

August 2005

Taking a ride

Mike and I going for a ride on the 1001 Nachts ride. I liked this one enough to go on it twice.

Merganser Lake Ice Fishing

February 2007

Adding wood to the fire

Mike adding wood to a fire we've got going on the ice while ice fishing.

Playing in the snow

February 2007

Kids laying in the snow

Denali and her cousin Kylie taking a short rest from rolling in the snow.

St. Patrick's Day Fireworks

March 2007

Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks

A local Soldotna businessman of Irish descent treats the area to an impressive fireworks display to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Canning Salmon

June 2007

Canning salmon Canning salmon

Kevin dozes while Mike monitors his salmon canning equipment. The result is some jars of delicious-looking salmon.

Arctic Winter Games 2008

April 2008

Me and Foxy

I got my picture taken with Foxy, the mascot for the 2008 Arctic Winter Games, in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Kevin's New Toy

April 2010

Kevin's Cessna
Kevin's Cessna

Kevin acquired himself another airplane a while back, and we took it on a short test flight to Homer.

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