Great Land of Alaska


Grouse Hunting, October 2001

Me, my .22, and my truck

A fall hunting trip on the Kenai Peninsula. We didn't get anything on this trip.

Grouse hunting, September 2002

Aiming my shotgun Mike's truck and gun

We didn't have any grouse at this time to take pictures of so I figured we'd get some shots of us posing with guns and trucks.

Grouse hunting, October 2002

My grouse

A somewhat successfull grouse hunting trip. I wouldn't have minded catching a few more but I at least got one so I didn't complain.

Grouse hunting, September 2004

Dirt/mud trail through refuge Taking a shot at a grouse

The hunting trail and Mike taking a shot at a grouse during another grouse expedition.

Moose hunting, September 2004

Sitting on an elevated log Fully armed Mike looking for a moose

A moose hunting trip spent creeping through the forest, sloshing through semi-marshy ground, and making moose calls. We didn't get anything on this trip.

Grouse hunting, September 2005

Kevin taking a shot Mike holding his grouse

Kevin takes a shot at a grouse (first picture) and misses; Mike's, however, didn't get away.

Grouse hunting, September 2006

Mike holding his grouse

This year's grouse hunt was successful for Mike but not for me.

Bear baiting, May 2008

Mike holding his rifle

We're breaking things down at Mike's bear baiting station. He and Kevin caught a bear at this area the previous summer, but none this summer. There were, however, signs that bear had been around.

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