Great Land of Alaska

Saltwater Fishing

Homer Spit, April 2001

Mike, halibut, and sculpin

Mike and I tried an experiment--fishing from the shore on the Homer Spit. We caught some small halibut. When fishing off shore, you can't expect to catch anything over a couple pounds.

Cook Inlet, August 2001

A couple 25-pound halibut

My first halibut fishing charter and I caught a couple nice halibut. They're not trophy sized, but halibut around this size have the best quality meat.

Homer Spit, June 2002

King Salmon

I caught this King Salmon in a small man-made lagoon on the Homer Spit. Although this fish had turned black, the meat quality was still quite good.

Homer Spit, March 2003

Mike sitting on shore Kevin fishing from the rocks

Mike, Kevin, and I tried some shore fishing off the Homer Spit in early spring. Not much luck though, the only catch was a sea anemone that Mike accidentally snagged.

Gulf of Alaska, June 2003

Large halibut Large halibut Large halibut

I took a fishing charter out of Seward in June 2003 and did very well. The large halibut beside me (first picture) is mine, 140 pounds (64 kg) halibut and the largest one caught on that trip. The small one beside it is mine as well. There were three other guys and we all caught our limit.

Homer Spit, April 2004

Mike sitting on the rocks Chicken halibut on the rocks Mike and a small halibut Mike and a small halibut Mike and a small halibut My cod on the beach Arctic Sculpin

A spring fishing trip to Homer. We didn't keep anything but did catch several fish including several chicken halibut that Mike caught (pictures 2-5), my cod (picture 6) and my Arctic Sculpin (picture 7).

Clam Gulch, June 2004

Looking for clams Lots of clammers Using a clam gun Pulling up sand Digging for a clam Found the clam Nice-sized clams

Mike, his sister Christine, and I go clam digging for Razor Clams at Clam Gulch. They're pretty good eating, but you have to be careful when you stick your hand into the mud to retrieve one--there's a reason they're called "Razor" Clams. The odd-looking device is a clam gun--it's designed to suck up a chunk of sand or mud that hopefully contains a clam.

Pacific Ocean, July 2004

Reeling in a halibut Halibut at the surface Gaffing the halibut Results of fishing charter Showing their catch Nice fish My Silver Salmon

Mike and I went on a halibut charter in July 2004. We didn't do quite as well as we'd hoped, although we did each get some halibut and salmon. Some of the other guys on the charter (pictures 5 & 6) caught some nice halibut and rockfish. My salmon (picture 7) is almost bigger than the small halibut that I caught.

Homer Spit, April 2005

Mike sitting on shore, fishing Me sitting on shore, fishing Mike reeling in a catch Sculpin Another sculpin Sculpin's gaping mouth Starry flounder Another starry flounder

Another Homer Spit fishing expedition. Once again, we caught (and released) several fish including sculpins (pictures 4-6) and Starry Flounder (pictures 7 & 8).

Homer Spit & Cook Inlet, August 2005

Anglers on shore Arctic Sculpin Decent halibut Decent halibut

My cousin Daniel and I did some combat fishing at the Fishing Hole (picture 1) and went on a halibut charter the next day. I caught a nice ugly sculpin (and released it) as well as some nice halibut. Daniel caught a nice halibut that was larger than mine.

Pacific Ocean, July 2006

Reeling in a halibut Unloading the catch from the boat Displaying the catch Fish cleaning station Salmon Shark

I went on another halibut charter out of Seward in July 2006. The middle picture shows the entire boat's catch (there was six of us). The small Lingcod (leftmost fish in middle picture) is mine, as well as a couple average-sized halibut and none of the salmon. Only two of us passengers were Alaskans, everybody else was from the States. The guys from the States are probably bragging about how they bested the two Alaskan fishermen. The charter that came in after us had a Salmon Shark (last picture) that somebody caught.

Cook Inlet, August 2008

Looking behind boat Fellow anglers fishing Fellow anglers fishing Holding a halibut Unhooking the halibut

Another halibut charter in August of 2008. This time I tried a different plance andwent from Ninilchik. I shared the charter with several younger guys and girls who were down from Fairbanks. The halibut were just the right size where there was enough meat and it was of good quality. I wanted to get a picture of my fish but my camera's batteries died and my spare batteries were dead as well.

Cook Inlet, August 2009

Hanging halibut

A decent collection of halibut from the waters of Cook Inlet. The two halibut to my left are the ones I caught.

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