Great Land of Alaska

Kenai Peninsula Fishing

Hidden Lake, July 1994

Mike fishing from his boat Mike holding a lake trout

Mike fishing from his boat, and his catch - a decent Lake Trout.

Lower Trail Lake, June 1999

A whitefish

A decent-sized Round Whitefish, the first fish I caught after taking up fishing.

Swanson River, September 2002

I'm fighting a silver Mike's silvers

I hooked a Silver but my line broke and it got away. Mike was more fortunate and caught two of them.

Kenai River Personal Use Fishery, July 2003

Me dipnetting Mike and Richard dipnetting Boats dipnetting on river Richard's Sockeyes Mike's Sockeyes My Sockeyes Time to clean the fish

I didn't do so well dipnetting while wading (first picture), but Mike and Richard and I did well when we took Mike's boat out onto the Kenai River.

Swanson River, October 2003

Silver jumping out of water Swanson River Rainbow Silver Salmon

A fall fishing trip. Mike caught a decent Rainbow Trout and I caught (and released) a black Silver Salmon.

Kenai River, July 2004

Combat fishing Fishing the Kenai River Fishermen in river Casting to the river Fishermen fighting Sockeye

Fishing at the famous Kenai River. Mike and I didn't catch anything on this particular trip, but a few other anglers in the area caught some Sockeyes.

Kenai River Personal Use Fishery, July 2004

Showing my dipnet Dipnetters along river Dipnetters on far side Mike wading in river Mike pulling fish out Fisherman with Sockeye A Sockeye I caught Some of my catch Mike showing a Sockeye

The 2004 dipnetting season was a good season. There were a lot of other dipnetters at the personal use fishery, but fortunately there was also a lot of fish in the river.

Russian River, August 2004

Anglers on riverbank Me fighting a Sockeye My small Sockeye Mike's large Russian Silver

Fishing at the famous Russian River. Mike caught a nice Silver; I caught some Sockeyes but they were out of season this time of year so I had to release them.

Upper Ohmer Lake, May 2005

Ohmer Lake Rainbow Ohmer Lake Rainbow

A couple Ohmer Lake Rainbows. They weren't all that big, but they did make a nice addition to dinner.

Kenai River, August 2005

Bear warning Fighting a King

I took my aunt Rachele and cousin Daniel fishing at the Russian River. We posed with our guns beside a sign warning of bears and then went fishing. Daniel hooked a nice King that broke the line and got away.

Undisclosed Kenai Peninsula Stream, September 2005

Mike and Kevin on bank Don't fall in! Kevin fishing Kevin's fish collection Way too small to keep Dareena's first trout Mike's trout collection Denali and her trout I got a trout

I came fishing here with Mike & Denali and Kevin & Dareena. Everybody caught something of varying sizes. Of course, Kevin didn't keep the tiny Rainbow that he's displaying in the middle picture. There are some nice Rainbows in this stream so we're keeping its location a secret.

Undisclosed Kenai Peninsula Stream, September 2006

Two Rainbows

Another fishing trip to the secret place. I really didn't want to keep the smaller of the two fish but the hook damaged the gills and the fish would have died anyway.

Kenai River Mouth, July 2007

Dipnetters Dipnetters

The short half-month long dipnet season at the mouth of the Kenai River can get pretty crowded. It pretty much becomes a small town of tents with all the people camping on the beaches as they spend a few days trying to catch as many Sockeyes as they can (while hopefully staying within the legal limit).

Russian River, August 2007

Mike fishing in the Russian

Mike has spotted a Dolly and is going after it. This trip, however, we both came away empty-handed.

Hidden Lake, July 2008

Me holding a lake trout Me holding a lake trout

Two canoeing trips on Hidden Lake, each one resulted in a nice Lake Trout.

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