Great Land of Alaska

Matanuska-Susitna Valley Fishing

Undisclosed Mat-Su Lake #1

July 2001

Me holding bow Me with three bows

My first attempt at fishing in this lake, and as you can see I caught a few decent-sized Rainbow Trout.

Undisclosed Mat-Su Lake #1

August 2001

Mike and his big trout Picture of me holding a big rainbow trout

After catching the decent fish in July, I invited Mike to this lake to give it a shot. As you can see, we got some even larger Rainbows.

Undisclosed Mat-Su Lake #1

June 2006

Mike and Denali fishing Fish on! Denali's rainbow Mike with a fish on Mike and Denali and fish Rainbow on the line Netting the fish Posing with fish Nice Rainbow

Mike brought his entire family up to this lake. While there, he taught Denali how to fish and she caught some nice Rainbows. Mike and I also caught ourselves some nice fish. The easy accessibility of this lake and the size of some of the fish in here are why I choose to keep this location a secret.

Undisclosed Mat-Su Lake #2

September 2005

Mike reeling his lure Nice-sized trout Nice bunch of trout

We discovered another lake that we'd prefer to keep a secret. The fish in here aren't as large as in the previous lake, but they are a decent size and they seem to be somewhat plentiful.

Undisclosed Mat-Su Lake #2

October 2005

Mike's rainbows My rainbows

We couldn't keep away and had to make another trip to this lake the following month. Once again, it didn't disappoint us.

Sheep Creek

August 2002

My Calico Mike catching a Pink

This river is easily accessible from the highway. It's a good place to catch Pinks and Calicos, and there are a few Silvers in here as well. Unfortunately, we didn't catch any Silvers on this trip.

Sheep Creek

August 2003

Calico Salmon Mike's Calicos Pink Salmon Richard cleaning his fish

Mike, Richard and I came fishing here and caught plenty of Pinks and Calicos, but no Silvers on this trip either.

Sheep Creek

August 2004

Sheep Creek Calico Sheep Creek Silver

I caught a nice Calico (left) at this river, and came back the next week and finally got a Silver (right).

Sheep Creek

August 2005

Pink Salmon Nice Calico Salmon

I brought my aunt and cousin fishing here, and as usual I caught a Pink (left) that I released and a nice Calico (right) that I kept.

Sheep Creek

August 2005

Fighting a silver Slightly pink Silver Fishing in river

A week later, Larry and I fished here. I caught another Silver.

Sheep Creek

August 2006

Mike casting Mike unkooking a Pink My Calico and Silvers Me fighting a Calico A hen Calico A nice Calico and Silver

This year's Sheep Creek was pretty good. I released most of what I caught, keeping a large Calico and two Silvers one day (picture #3) and a large Calico and Silver another day (picture #6).

Sheep Creek

August 2006

Lots of fishermen on far shore

Near combat fishing conditions on the eastern shore of Sheep Creek this year. There were several cases of tangled fishing lines but nothing too bad.

Sheep Creek

August 2007

Calico Salmon Silver Salmon

The annual Mat-Su Valley fishing trip was a success. My freezer was alreay so full of Sockeyes from dipnetting on the Kenai that I only took a couple fish this year.

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