Great Land of Alaska

Talkeetna Mountains

The Talkeetna Mountains are a range of long-extinct volcanoes in Southcentral Alaska. They are sandwiched by the Alaska Range to the north and the Chugach Mountains so the south. Due to the ease at which they can be reached, they are popular place for snowmachining, berry picking, snowboarding, hunting, and hiking.

Hatcher Pass

Wide Valley Mountains in distance Valley and Mountains Rough terrain Valley Snow-covered peaks Mountain and valley Colourful mountain

Located just north of Palmer/Wasilla and just a short drive away from Anchorage, Hatcher Pass is a place frequented during the summer and autumn by hikers, hunters, berry-pickers, and sightseers. Several gold mines, both private and commercial, are in the area. A lodge near the Independence Gold Mine is a popular destination for winter snowmachiners and snowboarders.

Sheep Mountain

Colourful mountainside Colourful mountainside

Sheep Mountain is an impressive mountain located along the Glenn Highway. The presence of iron, possibly gypsum, and other various minerals has tinted the exposed rocks of this mountain orange, red, yellow, and gold.

Gold Mines

Gold mine and rubble Road leading to mine

A mountainside goldmine and Independence Mine (second picture, back in the valley) are two of the many gold mines a traveller will see around Hatcher Pass.

Red Snow

Reddish-colored snow

If you look closely, you may notice that this snow at Hatcher Pass has a pinkish tint to it. It's not due to a trick of the light, this snow is actually pink. It's caused by a type of reddish algae that thrives on the snow.

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