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Pictures added March 11, 2014 (12 pictures)

Mountains and Landscapes

Alaska Range and Wrangell Mountains (42 pictures) - Two of Alaska's most impressive mountain ranges; the Alaska Range is home to the great mountain itself, Denali.
Aleutian Range (7 pictures) - Alaska's most volcanically active range of mountains.
Chugach Mountains (28 pictures) - Located close to Anchorage, one of Alaska's most visible mountain ranges.
Kenai Mountains (32 pictures) - Covering much of the Kenai Peninsula, the Kenai Mountains are an impressive sight.
Talkeetna Mountains (13 pictures) - Not the largest mountain range in Alaska, but nevertheless quite scenic.
Yukon-Tanana Uplands (12 pictures) - A series of hills and small mountains in Alaska's interior.

Rivers, Lakes, and Sea

Rivers & Streams (66 pictures) - A few of the scenic rivers and streams found in Alaska.
Lakes (55 pictures) - Alaska has over 3 million lakes; too many to show here, but here are a few.
Sea (16 pictures) - A few pictures of the sea found around Alaska.
Waterfalls (11 pictures) - Streams cascading down the mountainsides.

Sunrises and Sunsets

Sunrises & Sunsets (47 pictures) - Some of the scenic Alaskan sunrises and sunsets.
Rainbows (6 pictures) - With a sun near the horizon and lots of rain, rainbows are common in Alaska.


Glaciers (45 pictures) - Giant rivers of ice.


Mountains (38 pictures) - Even when covered with snow, Alaska's mountains still offer some awesome scenery.
Rivers & Lakes (32 pictures) - A few of rivers and lakes as they appear in winter.
Trees (15 pictures) - Snow-covered trees make a nice winter scene.
Miscellaneous (19 pictures) - Pictures that don't fit neatly in the other categories.


Birds (17 pictures) - A few examples of the numberous types of birds found in Alaska.
Land Animals (41 pictures) - Some of the various land mammals found in Alaska.
Aquatic Life (25 pictures) - Some of Alaska's freshwater and saltwater wildlife.
Plants & Flowers (31 pictures) - Alaska has quite a variety of plant life.

The Lights

The Lights (11 pictures) - The Aurora borealis lights up the dark winter skies.

Towns and Cities

Anchorage & Vicinity (18 pictures) - Alaska's largest city and some of the small surrounding towns.
Fairbanks & Vicinity (22 pictures) - The Interior's largest city and some nearby communities.
Alaska Highway System (24 pictures) - Somewhat remote towns that can be reached via Alaska's highway system.
Kenai Peninsula (67 pictures) - A few towns of Southcentral's Kenai Peninsula.
Rural Communities (46 pictures) - Most of Alaska's towns are rural villages only reachable by airplane.

Geologic Forces

1964 Good Friday Earthquake (16 pictures) - Scanned historic images of damage from the second largest earthquake ever recorded.
2004-2006 Spurr Unrest (9 pictures) - The period of unrest of Mt. Spurr, west of Anchorage.
2005-2006 Augustine Eruption (17 pictures) - The 2005-2006 eruption of Augustine Volcano, southwest of Homer.
2008-2009 Redoubt Eruption (21 pictures) - The 2008-2009 eruption of Redoubt west of Kenai.

Sport and Recreation

Camping (15 pictures) - Alaska certainly has no shortage of campgrounds.
Ice Fishing (16 pictures) - Just because the lakes are frozen doesn't mean that fishing season is over.
Anchorage area Freshwater Fishing (4 pictures) - There are a few areas to fish in and around the Anchorage area.
Mat-Su area Freshwater Fishing (40 pictures) - The Matanuska/Susitna Valley has an abundance of fishing areas.
Kenai Peninsula freshwater Fishing (52 pictures) - The Kenai Peninsula is a popular destination for Alaskan and non-Alaskan anglers.
Saltwater Fishing (51 pictures) - Fish and shellfish from Alaska's marine waters.
Hunting (14 pictures ) - Grouse hunting and moose hunting pictures
Dog Mushing (13 pictures) - Alaska's official sport.
Snowmachining (12 pictures) - Alaskans know how to have fun in the snow.
Miscellaneous (28 pictures) - Various ways that friends and I like to goof off.

Outside of Alaksa

California (34 pictures) - Pictures from a few trips to the San Francisco area.
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (21 pictures) - Pictures from my March 2008 trip to the Arctic Winter Games in Yellowknife.

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