Great Land of Alaska

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This site was created and is maintained by Douglas J. Gates of Soldotna/Kenai, Alaska, and hosted by the servers of MTA Solutions. This is a non-profit site (for now, I've not ruled out the possibility of having local businesses advertise here; after all, web hosting services aren't free). The main purpose of this site is to provide scenes and information about the Great Land.

I've tested this site mostly with Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2; however, this site is not designed with any specific browser in mind. I dislike sites that display the message “This page is best when viewed with [insert name of author's favorite browser here]”. This page should be compatible with a variety of web browsers. However, in keeping up with W3C standards, this page uses cascading style sheets and is designed with W3C-compliant web browsers in mind. Most browsers used nowdays are W3C-compliant and so should have no problem with this site. If viewed with a non-compliant browser, this site is still fully visible and completely functional but may not appear formatted as intended.

There is no JavaScript on this site and it does not create any cookies.

This site was designed for a variety of age groups, so it contains no obscene language or adult-only content. There is nothing on this page that I would not be willing to show my kids (if I had any).

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